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Out of dozens of local attorneys, what makes Welmerink Law different?


The best relationships start with trust. Estate planning is not a transaction. It is not a document, or a binder, or a portfolio. Estate planning is an intimate process that requires security, comfort, communication, and openness – from both the attorney and the client.

I want to be a part of that process for you and your family from end-to-end. I want to work with people who CARE about their family, their estate, and their legacy… because each of those things is important to me. I want the opportunity to work with multiple generations within your family to help protect the legacy we leave for our children and our community.

Who is Luke Welmerink? 

Luke Welmerink Attorney

As the founder and sole shareholder of Welmerink Law, P.C., I practice law in the areas of estate, tax, and asset protection planning, and estate administration. My extensive and diverse experience working in finance, accounting, tax, and estate planning matters provide me with a unique set of skills to help my clients achieve their wealth and legacy planning goals.

The best part of my job is helping families preserve their wealth for future generations by focusing on minimizing estate and income taxes, avoiding the expense and nightmare of the probate process, and protecting inheritance from lawsuits, divorce, and the IRS. I pride myself in providing comprehensive, tailored estate planning services to meet the needs of my clients AND their families. And as a solo attorney, my clients rave about the fact that they work exclusively with me, as the attorney, from start to finish through the estate planning and administration process.

As a lawyer, I am an active member of the Nevada State Bar, the California State Bar, and the Washoe County Bar Association. As a 4th generation Nevadan, I am proud to serve our community through pro bono and philanthropic efforts, including my role as the Chair of the Board of Mater Academy of Northern Nevada, a Nevada Title 1 public charter school. As a family man, I am most proud to call myself “Dad” to my three amazing daughters, and a husband to my loving wife. 

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