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Planning for life's most difficult circumstances is a challenge. Our role as an estate planning firm is to guide you through the process of planning for incapacity and death in order to make the process simple. Building relationships is the foundation of working with an estate planning attorney to make the process manageable.

With a background in finance, accounting, tax, and the law, we will use our breadth of experience to help you protect your legacy.

Welmerink Law provides comprehensive, tailored solutions with end-to-end attorney involvement.

Helping Families Protect Their Legacy.

Whether you are a new parent worried about protecting young children, a hardworking business owner concerned about building and protecting your wealth, or a retiree uneasy about your last years — let's collaborate to figure out a plan that works for your life now.

Working whenever, wherever, and however YOU choose. Do you need to meet over the weekend because you can't take time off work? Okay! Do you want to communicate via text or Zoom? Good for us! Need to get things done in a hurry because of an emergency? Let's do this!

Our goal is to help; let us know how we can do that for you.

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At Welmerink Law, we focus on Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Tax Planning, and Business Planning & Formation, and we are here to work with you to help navigate the legal system.

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